We provide our typical and individually designed modular houses solutions to you. Modular houses can be quickly manufactured and conveniently installed on your property as individual units or by connecting several modules to create a larger living area. Regardless of whether the modular house is your family home, a guest house next to your home, or a holiday home, our manufactured modular houses will provide excellent comfort, functionality, and meet your desires.


Speed – the production time of a standard single-module house is 8 weeks. Construction time is shortened as the foundation is prepared simultaneously with the house production.
Quality – the house is made from the same materials as a traditional timber frame house, using environmentally friendly and CE-certified materials from reliable manufacturers with product warranty. The lifespan of the house is at least 50 years.
Piece of mind – production process is organized in a weather-protected production facility. High-quality control and work traceability are ensured. Photos and videos of house production progress can be provided upon your request.
Convenience – the house comes fully completed and equipped, ready for immediate residence with our Plug & Play solution. Setup takes less than 2 hours on pre-prepared foundation, complete with all connections.
Fixed price – the choice of materials is coordinated with you before production begins, the production process is carefully planned, and costs are controlled during production.
Economy – in the house, energy-efficient heating and electricity solutions are installed, ensuring low maintenance costs.
Relocation – disassembling a house can be done in just 2 hours, like installation. It’s a great solution if you want to relocate while keeping your home.

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