Your house is

We only choose sustainable building materials which are used by consulting with manufacturers and our suppliers to check if a product is best suited to your requirements as well providing all the materials certificates and guarantees. Our team of professionals will ensure that the best practices are strictly adhered to and the highest standards maintained.
All our wood frame homes incorporate a state of the art, whole house ventilation system which can recover up to 95% of the heat. Because the incoming fresh air is pre-warmed by this system, when its cold outside your heating system will have far less work to do, resulting in incredibly low heating costs. Healthy living environment is created with a constant supply of filtered fresh air even in the depth of winter. In spring and summer you can open all the windows and our great insulation levels keep your home cool.
Thanks to our sophisticated heat recovery system and superior insulation, the net energy input into our wood frame homes is very low. You can easily meet that remaining requirement with solar panels, ground or air source heat pumps etc. As the winters in Latvia are colder and summers are hotter than in many other countries where we offer our services, we do not have to extra proof that the buildings meets today\'s requirements for very high levels of energy saving and environmental respect.
The comfort and practicality of your home interior will be chosen by you. What we will provide you with is a comfort in cooperation with us from day one. If you need our advice and delivery for custom made furniture, we are ready to share our collected knowledge and experience during decades of Latvian woodcraft legacy.

Looking for a Family house?

LWHouses profile is to build wood frame houses, mostly sized from 100 to 200 square meters. We will respect you as an individual and design and construct your house that reflects your taste and turns your vision into reality. In addition we can organize the factory set delivery to your construction site and ensure the on-site assembling from our experienced team. As well we are able to provide you with building completion internally and externally from our craftsman team, who works with the project from the beginning of production.

Hotel room for your guests just next by your house?

LWHouses also specializes on production of various options guest and vacation houses. Modest houses can be built from prefabricated wood panels or as module units up to 35 square meters, which even can be arranged as a typical hotel room, including bathroom and kitchenette as option. House may come fully furnished from the factory. It can be located just next by your home or at your desired place to fully enjoy the location and convenience of having the home comfort.

Developing large-scale projects?

LWHouses offer B2B cooperation and can be your partner and constructions supplier for your construction project. The product will be designed and produced as requested, according to the standards and regulations of European Union and country national annexes. Our accumulated experience working with foreign projects and competence of our professional staff will be a great addition to successfully implement your projects. We adapt and customize our solutions so that they fit your business as well as possible.